Rob’s Review (08/12/2015):

‘Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events’ is a 2004 comedy directed by Brad Silberling, and follows the newly orphaned Baudelaire children as they try to find a new home, and escape the clutches of the evil count Olaf. 

Jim Carrey (Count Olaf) was born to play this part. His humour and rubber face throughout this movie, brings the perfect amount of creepiness and comedy to this movie. Carrey does his role in my opinion brilliantly, I have not read the books, but from what I understand of it they made is accurate. 

The writing and story in this movie is something that was done perfectly, again, from what I understand accurate to the first three books, along with some extremely funny acting and situations from the cast and places. 

My only really concern for this movie, was some of the CGI used to animate sunny could have been done a little bit better, but aside from that I really enjoyed this movie. 
Thomas Newman does a great job at composing the score for this movie, and it certainly ties the entire movie together. 

Overall, this is a fantastic movie, it was brilliant when it came out, and it is brilliant now, it is a shame we will never get a sequel.

Score: 10/10