“Holy Rabies!”

The monsters are back, and are still living inside a hotel, but this time, the sequel takes the film outdoors in ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’.

The sequel now sees Mavis and Johnny married, and surprise, surprise, Mavis falls pregnant, giving birth to a boy named Dennis. Forwarding five years later, Dracula goes on the road with his fellow monster friends to see if Dennis has any supernatural vampire powers.

The sequel’s story feels weak, as there isn’t much to stretch out a 90 minute feature film. The film is mostly a few car stops to see if Dennis has any supernatural powers, while Mavis and Johnny are exploring California, and that’s about it until the film’s third act. The third act is surprisingly very interesting and frankly found to be better, blending the humour and some scary sequences, allowing a cool menacing character named Vlad, but the problem he is basically in the film’s final twenty minutes, and feels rush and very abrupt, leaving an absence of characterization and just feels tacked on, just to reach the film’s ninety minute runtime as it didn’t quite blend with the film’s first two acts that focuses mostly on just slapstick humour.

While the film did feature a few chuckles, e.g. the Mini Mart scene was one of my favourite laugh moments as it was cute and humorous, however, the film’s first two acts have a lot of misses, allowing for the film to feel uneven in terms of the narrative structure. I was a bit disappointed because the film does feature some heart, as the interaction of the family dynamics with Mavis, Dennis and Dracula are one of my favourite moments in this sequel, it’s only a handful of moments, allowing more times for Dracula’s friends, who weren’t really that interesting or funny, with the exception of Wayne the werewolf.

‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ tries to bring the heart, and while it does to a certain degree, the film has a few misses, but the kids might enjoy it more than the adults, but it was the film’s story that was just flat and bland, it’s just unfortunate the film’s final twenty minutes was the whole film as it would have been more interesting and maybe more tension to the family dynamic.