I have heard a lot of great things about the 2010 film ‘True Grit’, which is the second adaption of Charles Portis’ novel with the same name, and a reboot of the 1969 film, also with the same title.

‘True Grit’ is about Mattie Ross wanting justice after her father was murdered by a nortious theif named Tom Chaney. Mattie seeks the help of Rooster Cogburn to go after Chaney.

While I didn’t love this film, I did enjoy it. The film is often too slow at times to reach its destination, however it does provide suspense, and often at times hilarious quips by the characters, leading to great characterization, mainly thanks by superb performances by the film’s three main leads, with Hailee Steinfeld, Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon providing stellar performances as their respectable roles.

The film also features a great score, composed by Carter Burwell, and features some beautiful cinematography, by Roger Deakins.

‘True Grit’ is an interesting western that has a lot of things right, with great direction by the Coen brothers, stellar acting, fantastic score and great cinematography.