The sequel/spin-off of the ‘Rocky’ series, now about Apollo Creed’s son, titled ‘Creed’.

After been in a youth facility for a while, the wife of famous boxer champion Apollo Creed takes Adonis in to raise as her own. Now in his twenties, he moves to Philadelphia where he pursuits his father’s long-time friend, Rocky Balboa, to train him to be the best boxer he can be.

First, before I continue with my review for ‘Creed’, I have only seen the first ‘Rocky’ film and I have seen parts of ‘Rocky IV’, so this film is a testament for a viewer who hasn’t seen most of the ‘Rocky’ films to see if it can interest and engage non-fans of the ‘Rocky’ series, and the result is a resounding yes. While there are references to the ‘Rocky’ series, the movie still feels like a standalone film, while continuing the story of Rocky Balboa.

‘Creed’ is a very smart spin-off of the ‘Rocky’ series, as it features sophisticated writing, from the witty dialogue to the heartbreaking scenes, the film is written with care and love for telling this new story about Apollo Creed’s son, while still establishing the franchise’s roots of the past ‘Rocky’ films that came before it.

Michael B. Jordan shines through the film as Creed’s son, Adonis, bringing heart to his character. Additionally, don’t write Rocky off yet, as Sylvester Stallone brings one of his best performance in years, with a returning form of the character of Rocky Balboa, but brings emotion and wit to the film, with a stellar performance as everyone’s favourite Italian Stallion.

The film’s score and music are electrifying and adds depth to the film, such as scenes in the boxing ring and, of course, the montage scenes, because it isn’t ‘Rocky’ without a montage scene.

‘Creed’ is an exceptional boxing film, and any fans of ‘Rocky’ will enjoy this latest entry from the now 40 year old franchise. ‘Creed’ is an audience favourite.