Daniel’s Review (27/11/2015):

A spy is born, with MI7’s highly undercover “secret” agent Johnny English.

The film is about British spy Johnny English going undercover to follow a plot to steal the Crown Jewels, but while he fails to protect the Jewels, he embarks on a quest to hunt down the thieves.

‘Johnny English’ is a film I once enjoyed as a kid, now that I’m older, the film hasn’t aged gracefully, and has plenty of faults and issues present. While the film does present some laughs, an example is the Hospital building scene, there are a range of flat jokes, that most times you see coming or they really just don’t make much sense. However, while comedy is the most subjected in all film genres, others might find a lot of enjoyment from the film’s slapstick gags and gross humour.

The film’s story is terribly written, and while the film’s plot is serviceable of a spy trying to relocate the missing Jewels, the film’s story is horribly written as they become stereotypically generic and for a film that’s a parody of James Bond flicks, the film is a parody of itself, heavily featuring a failed relationship that isn’t hardly developed enough and the villain’s plans on a disc, just in perfect time for Johnny English and crew to find.

Despite all this, there is enjoyment scattered across this comedy, and Rowan Atkinson is trying to have fun with the film, which does shine through, but it’s hard not to see the cracks of the film’s messy and muddled story.

Score: 2.4/10

Rob’s Review (28/11/2015):

‘Johnny English’ is the 2003 comedy movie starring Rowan Atkinson and directed by Peter Howitt, following Johnny English, as he attempts to foil Pascal Sauvage’s plans to become the new king of England. 

The movie is enjoyable, and I have no massive complaint about the movie, the jokes are funny and wity with not only slap stick but also situation comedy, that we all know from Rowan Atkinson, and the acting is done just right.

The issues however I have with this film is that the story is inconsistant throughout, not making a coherent and persuasive story. As well as not aligning with any real world knowledge, and by that I mean, there is a scene where the queen is at her residence, after doing a quick search on the location, I found that not only does the queen not residence there, the place is fictional. Similarly, there are two guards protecting the Queen of England, this story was not accurate enough and I just could not buy it.

This movie is good if you like Rowan Atkinson but, if you like a decent movie that is it’s own thing and not a rip off of ‘The Pink Panther’ or James Bond steer clear because that’s all it is.

Score: 5/10