After the brilliant ‘Skyfall’ and reinvigorating the franchise, ‘Spectre’ falls short. Returning director from ‘Skyfall’ Sam Mendes is back directing the new installment.

‘Spectre’ sees 007 going undercover from MI6 to track down a man, part of a larger organization known as Spectre.

The film is well directed, such as the opening shot of the film’s opening sequence, filmed in one continuous shot, which was well executed.

The acting performances was especially good, with Daniel Craig proving what a great Bond he is in this role, and Léa Seydoux was also very good in her role, despite the character’s relationship which wasn’t handled with much care as it should have been, however, it did provide at proving she’s not another damsel in distress type of character, which was very good to see in a modern ‘Bond’ film.

The film’s score is exciting and used brilliantly when needed, as most times the action scenes take place without any score featured.

The film, however, has its problems, mainly towards a weak villain (who wasn’t present much in this over 2 hour film) and is a shame that Christoph Waltz was wasted in this role. The film also features a messy story that becomes convoluted and confusing to follow at times, which is unfortunate, because there is potential present in the film. Additionally, aspects in the film that are very interesting, such as Bond’s backstory, which is unfortunately glanced over.

‘Spectre’ shows promise, with moments in the film that were very great, unfortunately ‘Spectre’ is an underwhelming new chapter in the 007 series that features a messy story and weak villain. 

I ‘Spectre’-d more from this latest outing.

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Daniel C+ AG C