The much under-appreciated film that captures a lot of emotion and avoids musical cliches, titled ‘Bandslam’ directed by Todd Graff.

‘Bandslam’ tells the story of a teenager named Will Burton, a music enthusiast, as he moves to New Jersey, he becomes the manager of a high school band, as they compete in the annual competition named Bandslam.

‘Bandslam’ may seem like a generic teen flick from the trailers, however the film is anything but generic. It’s moving, it’s complex, it’s inspirational, it’s all of these and more, thanks to a well-executed screenplay that has a lot of room for character development and a story that seems simple, but goes through a lot of layers that becomes emotional and heart-warming.

The acting performances are pretty solid, with praise towards Aly Michalka (‘Phil of the Future’ fame) who provides a stellar and emotional performance as lead singer Charlotte Barnes, with Vanessa Hudgens and Gaelan Connell also providing a great performance as Sa5m (“the 5 is silent”) and Will respectively.

Did I also state how great the songs are, like “Everything I Own” and my personal favourite “Someone to Fall Back On”.

‘Bandslam’ is a rocking good time, with great performances, entertaining songs and a stellar story.