The ‘Rugrats’ was one of my favourite animated programs when I was little, and a lot of people’s childhood favourites as the series was at the time Nickelodeon’s longest running series with 9 seasons and 172 episodes (beaten by ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’).

‘Rugrats in Paris: The Movie’ is the sequel to ‘The Rugrats Movie’ and follows Chuckie who wants to have a new mummy, as he watches his friends dancing with their mummies, but as soon as Tommy’s father Stu is needed in EuroReptarland, leading the family and his friends a trip to Paris, France.

Most of the jokes are hilarious, and the film has a lot of heart and emotion exploring with Chuckie’s desires of having a mother figure in his life – and because of this, makes this the best of the ‘Rugrats’ film trilogy.

Even some of the songs are really great, with my personal favourite being “I Want A Mom That Will Last Forever” – being the perfect song for Chuckie’s feelings of the love of a mother figure he wants and is missing in his life.

‘Rugrats in Paris: The Movie’ is sweet, emotional, heart-warming and a fun adventure for the whole family to enjoy.