Director Robert Zemeckis (one of my favourite directors working in film today) has crafted his latest film that will literally give you goosebumps with ‘The Walk’, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

‘The Walk’ is based on a true story that sees Philippe Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a famous French street performer who has the love and passion for wire walking. When he reads a newspaper about the construction of the world’s tallest buildings in 1973, he has a dream of wanting to do the impossible – wire walk across the Twin Towers.

I saw ‘The Walk’ on a large screen in 3D and to my surprise, this film made my palms sweaty and I was just like one of the characters in the film, super terrified as I am scared of heights, so parts of the film I had to look away, as there are a lot of first person shots and wide angled shots, but then I reconsidered, and just held onto the seat’s handles while scared watching the film. ‘The Walk’ is terrifying to watch – if you are scared of heights like myself, and the 3D adds depth which seems like you are walking on the wire with the central protagonist. If you are wanting to check this flick out, see it on the biggest screen possible in 3D, it is unlike any film I’ve seen in the theatre before – and one of the best 3D films I’ve seen since 2013’s ‘Gravity’.

Now back to the film’s story, the characters are really likeable and hilarious to watch, and the acting on screen is pretty solid, with praises towards both Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Charlotte Le Bon as Annie – and both are one of my favourite acting performances of the year. The actors really had fun with this movie, and really brought it when it comes to the dramatic side of the film. And I heard other reviews about Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s French accent, however, I had no problem with it, as I actually thought it added character to the film.

Director Robert Zemeckis has crafted a beautifully detailed film, with amazing visual effects – one of the best I’ve seen in any movie of this year – and also crafted an excellent story about one’s hopes and dreams.

Concluding, ‘The Walk’ is a high flying, tension filled movie that will literally have you on the edge of your seat.

Don’t Look Down!