Director Ridley Scott’s latest film titled ‘The Martian’ takes Matt Damon back into space (if you get that reference, than you are a true filmaholic) where he is stranded on a deserted planet, Mars to be accurate, abandoned by his crew in a face of an emergency storm, where he is the only human being where nothing grows, where food is limited, and the only way he can survive is trust his knowledge and his skills as an astronaut.

While I haven’t seen much of Ridley Scott’s films, ‘Prometheus’ was a disappointment; while I really liked his Oscar winning film ‘Gladiator’, and fortunately this film is like the latter, an excellent survival film with witty humour and plenty of tension present.

‘The Martian’ is filmed beautifully, with nicely detailed shots, making the film like it was filmed entirely on Mars, whch we know isn’t possible, but the film is that believable in great set design and spectacular visual effects.

Matt Damon is undeniably the true star of this movie, as his acting performance was fantastic as Mark Watney – a witty, self-centred character that was just fantastic to watch, and holds the film together in its very few faults, as I enjoyed Mark’s character and screen time the most in this nearly two and a half hour movie, partially thanks to Damon’s impressive acting performance.

While the side characters provide a serviceable job for the film’s story, none of them really stand-out, but then again, they didn’t need too.

‘The Martian’ is an fun outer space movie, with tension, wit, and a great acting performance by Matt Damon – and this movie is a must-watch on the biggest screen possible.

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