‘Pixels’. Look, I love videogames. I’m a Nintendo fan. This film has Donkey Kong and Jumpman (a.k.a. Mario). I should be loving this film. In reality, nope… wasn’t good.

‘Pixels’ is from director Chris Columbus, director of great family films like ‘Home Alone’‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ and the first two ‘Harry Potter’ films.

The film is about Sam Brenner (Adam Sandler) who was once an expert gamer, who came in 2nd place at the 1982 arcade world gaming championships. Thirty years later, video game characters come invading down from space onto our planet, from a time capsule sent into space at the 1982 gaming championships containing all of these videogames recorded. So it’s up to Adam Sandler, Josh Gad, Peter Dinklage and Kevin James to save the world.

I will buy that the government had sent this time capsule into space. I will buy that Adam Sandler is a gamer. What I won’t buy is that Sam and Violet’s relationship, it isn’t developed and feels rather forced.

The story elements is absurd. It makes no sense, and instead becomes the ‘Transformers’ version, but with videogame characters instead. Making that comparison, isn’t a good thing. Also surprisingly, the last thirty minutes is not good. I won’t go into the ending, because it will be leading to spoilers territory. And how come there aren’t any other gamers in the world that could help them out?

This film should have been a fun watch, but it isn’t funny, it isn’t entertaining and becomes rather dull and silly as the film progresses along.

There is a single positive… the visual effects were great. It was nice to see these iconic videogame arcade classics.

‘Pixels’ isn’t a great family film. It’s actually strictly for kids, however it has adult themes, so I don’t know who this film is targeted towards.

If you like 80’s arcade game characters, go check it out, but ‘Pixels’ was a chore, than a fun filled film.

You’ll have more fun playing your videogames instead, than seeing a film that features videogame characters.