Have you ever wanted to relive the same day, twice? Or multiple times? Well, that’s the premise for the 1993 film ‘Groundhog Day’.

The film is about Phil Connors (Bill Murray) a television newsreader and meteorologist that gets sent out on an assignment by the television station to cover the annual Groundhog Day festivities. When an unexpected blizzard comes, he is stuck in Pennsylvania, redoing the same day, overand over, and over again.

This film works wonderfully well, with similarities to ‘Source Code’ that both share the same theme of redoing a day multiple times, ‘Groundhog Day’ works out well, like ‘Source Code’, as each time the day is redone, its done in differentiating ways that makes each day unique, despite sharing similar traits, which is a huge accomplishment as it doesn’t make the film boring, but rather a delight, and at times extremely hilarious to watch.

The acting is also good, with Bill Murray showcasing an excellent performance as the film’s central protagonist.

The writing is also pretty good, with a humorous, yet enjoyable story.

My only complaints, the event that happens with these days lapping over and over isn’t quite clear, but this can be overlooked by the film’s smart writing.

‘Groundhog Day’ is a delightful movie, from start to start to start.