‘Vacation’ is a reboot, technically a remake and a sequel to the original ‘National Lampoon’s Vacation’, released back in 1983.

While I’ve never seen the first film, or any films in the series, I’m judging this film as its own film, like even Ed Helms states it in the film “The new vacation will stand on its own”, and does it stand on its own? Eh? Not really!

‘Vacation’ is about Clark Griswold’s son Rusty, now grown up and has a family of his own. Looking back at previous vacations, they don’t really bring fun or excitement anymore, like they did in the past, so Rusty decides to take his family to Walley World, a past family vacation when he was a kid, to bring his family closer. However, all hell breaks loose. Argh! I’ve got to stop using that line. It’s become a bit tiring and clichéd, just like this movie.

The film is predictable, and mostly laugh less, with the supposed jokes being very mean-spirited or just being silly, in order to try to squeeze a joke in there. Most times, they are overlong and overstay their welcome, becoming tiring and not really funny. Even some of the slower scenes, a joke tries to come into the scene, but ends up not working. There isn’t a balance between being a joke and being raunchy. Not to say there isn’t any laughs to be had, there are a handful of laughs, but most times you will roll your eyes than you will be laughing.

But, the audience had a blast with this movie, so this film is very subjective, as this movie might be more personal taste.

‘Vacation’ isn’t worth the journey, or the destination, but if you are a fan of the older films, check it out for yourself.

D D- A D-