Amy Schumer’s first leading role, and directed by Judd Apatow (previous films include ‘Knocked Up’‘This is 40’‘Funny People’ and ’The 40-Year-Old-Virigin’).

‘Trainwreck’ tells the story of Amy (Amy Schumer) being told by her father that monogamy isn’t realistic, and so twenty-three years later, Amy is living the life of being with many men, including Steven (John Cena), however, while on an assignment for her magazine boss, she interviews Dr. Aaron Conners (Bill Hader) and is starting to feel feelings she has never felt before towards Dr. Conners.

The film is occasionally funny, but at times, there are a lot of misses and very slow at times, causing the film to be a tad overlong by the last 30 minutes.

Also, while the acting is pretty good, the characters at times can have arc problems, the main one I have is towards the character of Amy in the last twenty minutes, but I won’t say as it will be into spoilers territory, but I’ll say is that her character makes a complete 180 degrees of what her character was in the film’s opening, despite her character growing towards the film’s conclusion.

LeBron James and John Cena were surprisingly really great, delivering some very solid lines, with Bill Hader also providing a great performance.

‘Trainwreck’ has some nice, written moments (surprisingly it was the drama I loved, more so than the comedy it was advertised as), but the film is overlong, but it does have quite a few laughs present with some great acting as well.