Regarded as the last film in the Disney Renaissance era, ‘Tarzan’ was released in 1999 to critical and financial success.

The story is about a young orphan boy, named Tarzan, who grows up being raised by gorillas, but danger lurks by as he finds out he isn’t alone, tired of looking different from the other gorillas and animals, as he finds a group of humans and learns about their way of life and their culture.

‘Tarzan’ is a dark, but action-packed story filled with plenty of humour and likeable characters.

The animation is extremely beautiful and detailed, and offers a nice blend of traditional animation, mixed with CGI elements from Deep Canvas; a tool that was built for the movie, and used in other animated films after ‘Tarzan’, such as ‘Atlantis: The Lost Empire’ and ‘Treasure Planet’.

The songs and the film’s music and score is amazing to listen too, with some of my all-time favourite Disney songs ever, such as “You’ll Be in My Heart”“Son of Man”“Trashin’ the Camp” and my personal favourite “Two Worlds”, mixing the story and the emotions quite beautifully, and also this film has nicely edited shots, e.g. the opening.

‘Tarzan’ is one of Disney’s best animated movies ever, with a heartfelt story, filled with enough heart, great songs, beautiful animation and likeable characters.

‘Tarzan’ swings high as a great family animated movie from start to finish.