Marvel’s 12th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and even with a troubled production schedule, with acclaimed writer and director Edgar Wright leaving the project before the film’s scheduled production start date, after working on the film for nearly ten years in development, that doesn’t hurt ‘Ant-Man’ as the film is another win in a nearly flawless canon of films.

‘Ant-Man’ follows Hank Pym, a well-known scientist and founder of Pym Technologies, but after the new CEO’s breakthrough in his formula, he must enlist the help of Scott Lang to help him out and in the process become the Ant-Man.

Marvel’s newest and latest film is energetic, its hilarious, its action-packed and also has the character development and emotional weight to boot, becoming one of Marvel’s best films, since last year’s thrill ride ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.

The acting performances are also really good, with praises to Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas.

The film’s action sequences are also very impressive, with some excellent directing from Peyton Reed.

‘Ant-Man’ is full of fun, it’s a comedy mixed with a heist film that has superhero elements spliced in between.

‘Ant-Man’ is a huge win for a small hero.

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