“Thunder Buddies for life”.

The sequel to the 2012 phenomenon ‘Ted’ is back three years later in ‘Ted 2’, directed and co-written by ‘Family Guy’ creator Seth MacFarlane.

I think the first ‘Ted’ film was a really good movie, it had laugh out loud moments, along with a story that actually had an emotional core to it. ‘Ted 2’ does have some heart to it, it just doesn’t have a story that can carry this nearly 2 hour long comedy.

The film is about Ted fighting against the government for his civil rights to be treated as a person, and not as this teddy bear. While the sequel has a pretty cool premise that isn’t a complete rehash from previous sequel offerings, I’m talking about you ‘The Hangover: Part II’, the premise isn’t enough for this 2 hour comedy film as the film is a tad bit overlong as it stretches the premise thin.

However, it does have plenty of laughs present, even though a few times it becomes wary of being a sketch or a 2 hour ‘Family Guy’ episode, the jokes are either hit or miss, but there is at times some very laugh out loud scenes present.

‘Ted 2’ is far from bad, and is a much better comedy than the forgettable ‘A Million Ways to Die in the West’. The sequel falls somewhere in the middle of MacFarlane’s comedic filmography, as it is occasionally funny, and at times enjoyable, even if there isn’t much story or some jokes that fall flat.