Aloha Filmaholics!

‘Aloha’ is the latest film by writer and director Cameron Crowe, a talented writer and director from ‘Almost Famous’.

The film has an all-star cast, Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Danny McBride, Bill Murray and Alec Baldwin.

‘Aloha’ is an utter mess. The film is a romantic-comedy, which has some romantic element present, but forgot about the comedy.

Plus, the story is so jumbled up, I don’t know what the film’s main story is really about, but I will try to explain it. ‘Aloha’ follows Brian Gilcrest, who used to work for the Military. But, takes a job contracting and visits Hawaii, only to meet up with his ex-girlfriend. There’s something about ghosts, and the sky, that is also included somewhere in this movie. Best Synopsis Ever!

This film frustrated me, as there are key elements present, but without spoiling the movie, the film instead glosses over, for example like a relationship that is never fully developed towards the film’s conclusion. The characters are not interesting, and most times feel like a cartoon.

‘Aloha’ is a disaster from start to finish.