Just when I gave the previous ‘Twilight’ movie ‘Eclipse’ a more positive reception, ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1’ feels like a step backwards.

Bella and Edward finally get married, and while on their honeymoon, Bella surprisingly becomes pregnant, as Edward doesn’t want the baby to live, however, Bella wants to keep it.

‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1’ feels empty, there’s not much going on, except for the baby, and it becomes a very long movie because of it. There’s not much character development, not much story to be focused on, and it shows. While the ending and the wedding are the film’s stand-outs, there isn’t much else as the film is very slow.

Why ‘Breaking Dawn’ was divided into two parts feels unnecessary, as ‘Part 1’ is a very slow and an overlong film.

Here’s hoping ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ ends the franchise on a high note.