While ‘Twilight’ showed some promise, but was a letdown from its execution and ‘New Moon’ being boring and forgettable, where does ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ stand?

This might shock you, but ‘Eclipse’ is the first real entry that is actually quite entertaining, and finds a balance between the teen romance and the action fantasy. I’m not saying this entry will convert new Twihards, however, it is the first entry that has a relative constant flow in its story.

‘Eclipse’ continues where ‘New Moon’ ends where Edward has proposed to Bella, but Victoria is creating a newborn army, and the franchise has its first big climax event. ‘Eclipse’ has some tension present, with its climax ending and a new threat from Riley. The film also has a good amount of action, and the film finds a nice balance between the franchise’s romance angle and the action fantasy present in the film.

Even the dialogue isn’t much of a problem, as it is less cheesy than the other films, although there is still some cheese to be seen. Also worth noting, the characters have backstory and some personality (Yes, I know I’m writing a ‘Twilight’ review), with an improved acting performances by the film’s cast, with praise to Kristen Stewart and Billy Burke.

‘Eclipse’ stands as the best ‘Twilight’ film to date, and while it isn’t perfect, director David Slade has done a tremendous job in finding a balance between the saga’s romance theme and the action sequences, as I didn’t completely hate this movie, as I was amusingly entertained, that the first two installments failed to deliver.