Just when you thought ‘Twilight’ was a massive hit, ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ took the franchise to blockbuster status, earning $709.8 million worldwide, more than the first film’s $392.6 million globally. While I must admit, ‘Twilight’ had a lot of promise, and actually had some nice moments, ‘New Moon’ is the reverse, as the story is hard enough to explain as it is.

The best I can explain the story is through the film’s events, as follows: It’s Bella’s birthday, she opens a present, uh oh! Paper cut. Which causes Jasper to go into a blood frenzy, but Edward pushes Bella onto a table full of glass? Which you know what happens after that, causes Jasper to go into more of a blood frenzy, making Edward to suddenly realise that Bella isn’t safe around vampires, and he leaves. He leaves! Suddenly the ending of the first film has no meaning anymore as Bella says, and I quote: “We can’t be apart. You can’t leave me”. Edward responds to never letting Bella go, as I quote “I’m here”. Well, after Edward leaves? Bella misses Edward, so she becomes an adrenaline junkie, risking her life just so she can see Edward again in spirit, but she has photos of him, like at the start of this film, why is she causing herself to put her life at risk, is never really explained, other than she wants to see Edward for a little while. And that was the film’s summary. Best Synopsis Ever!

‘New Moon’ is a 2 hour snore fest, with little to nothing moving the film along. The characters are still one-dimensional than ever, but this time we find out that Jacob is a *SPOILER*, a wolf. But still, adding a new twist to the film still does nothing to make this film entertaining, in fact, it is quite forgettable, even more so than its predecessor.

But, I’m glad Billy Burke’s character is still in this movie, as he still brings the film’s most grounded, likeable and often at times, funny character to this franchise.

What makes ‘New Moon’ different to ‘Twilight’ is the film’s sluggish story, at least with ‘Twilight’ there was tension and a long-term goal there, ‘New Moon’ just doesn’t have that.

D D- A D-