‘Twilight’ is a phenomenon, depending on what you think of the film – whether for better or for worse. For every ‘The Host’, there were successes like ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘The Maze Runner’ that were greenlit after the success of ‘Twilight’.

The film follows Bella; a teenager who moves in with her father; but meets fellow classmate Edward Cullen; and together – the two become unexpectedly fast friends; but Bella discovers that Edward is actually a vampire! Oh, the twist!

But to be serious, ‘Twilight’ actually has a cool premise, with loads of potential, it’s just frustrating that the execution is disappointing. A human girl falls in love with a vampire; there are so much you can do with this romantic fantasy, but the film suffers with a sluggish, and overlong, script; filled with a match of baseball? Uh, baseball? Vampire baseball? Uh, okay!

But the film does have some nice moments; like the prom and the film’s ending – that is actually quite interesting and filled with tension – but it takes an hour and a half just to get there, but by then, I was already checked out.

The character development is poor; I don’t know much about these characters to care, as they are all one-dimensional, but the film does have some nice laughs and heart, thanks partly to Bella’s father (portrayed by Billy Burke) who was the most interesting character in the film.

‘Twilight’ is filled with cringe worthy dialogue with a somewhat uninteresting story with little character development; but the film does have moments that were great and the film can be somewhat enjoyable thanks to Billy Burke’s character.