‘Tomorrowland’ is a movie that I was really admiring, but sadly, also frustrated me, which is disappointing with the director and co-writer of ‘Tomorrowland’ Brad Bird involved in this project.

The story revolves around Casey (portrayed by Britt Robertson) an optimistic person, who is a dreamer, and is selected with a pin that teleports her into a usual place, called Tomorrowland. With the trailers so vague surrounding what this film really is about, I won’t say much else.

Let’s start off with what makes this film work very well. Brad Bird has directed this film quite well, in terms of camera shots and angles. The visual effects is really beautiful and inspiring. The actors do a fantastic job, with praise towards Britt Robertson.

However, the film’s story is a mix bag, as the opening of the film, and the first hour is actually really entertaining and delightfully unique as we get to know these characters and their backstory, then the film loses ground as it becomes lost in its potential and derails, becoming what I was really enjoying, becoming something I was really frustrated by. As the film progresses, the film becomes convoluted and treads towards being like a cartoon, instead of a live-action sci-fi fantasy adventure, which is what the first half of the film was, and done quite well, until the film’s third and final act, which is dissatisfying and ultimately disappointing. Now, I would love to talk about what I didn’t like in this film, but that would tread onto spoiler territory.

‘Tomorrowland’ is beaming with originality, what starts out strong, ultimately gets lost and becomes convoluted in its ideas presented, but the adventure of the film’s first and second act was quite spectacular and really enjoyable, like an amusement park ride that this film was named after.

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