“Welcome to Jurassic Park”.

The most iconic dinosaur movie of all-time has influenced a generation for its ground breaking special and visual effects at the time.

‘Jurassic Park’ follows a brilliant paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant as he enters the theme park, known as Jurassic Park, welcomed by the park’s owner, John Hammond. Dr. Alan Grant loves collecting fossilized dinosaurs, but what he embarks is another thing entirely, living breathing dinosaurs; and just like ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, all hell breaks loose.

‘Jurassic Park’ might have outdated technology; like computers, but its visuals are still in-date (if that’s even a word?) as its visuals are still alive, even to this day (sorry, pun opportunity). The film has a perfect blend of robotics and computerized visual effects.

The film is basically a thriller; an intense and sometimes scary ride that director Steven Spielberg has crafted quite extraordinary, as the acting is great and the film’s direction is impressive.

There are some flaws to ‘Jurassic Park’; like a sluggish opening and lack of a strong villain; but despite its flaws, ‘Jurassic Park’ is a 90’s blockbuster that excels in admiration for its visuals and its character development that really makes this film a winner.

‘Jurassic World’, you have some competition.

‘Jurassic Park’ is an off-the-rails amusement ride (figuratively and literally).

 DB+ AB+