Get ready to sing again with the sequel ‘Pitch Perfect 2’.

The sequel follows everybody’s favourite Barden Bellas, this time being disgraced from their performance at the Lincoln Centre. With the future of the Barden Bellas at stake, they compete at an international a cappella competition. While it seems to be similar to the first film, by that summary of the sequel that I mentioned, however, this time it’s at a global scale. The sequel does differentiate itself with its previous film, while throwing some little nods of references that is very similar to the first ‘Pitch Perfect’.

The cast is all excellent in the sequel, yet again, as the cast really know their characters and hit most of the right notes from the jokes department, which should please the fans and general moviegoers alike. Anna Kendrick provides a great performance as Becca, while Rebel Wilson provides most of the comedic lines to laugh out loud results, but the cast at least has one great funny line that really works. Newbie Hailee Steinfeld is a great addition to this series, being the clumsy, but good at heart Emily.

The songs are a lot of fun too, mixing and mashing up a lot of cover songs like Muse and Jessie J, just to name a few.

While the film is very enjoyable, there are some problems. The film’s flow of narrative isn’t as consistent as the first film as it feels looser, but despite these little problems, the sequel is still a delight.

‘Pitch Perfect 2’ may not be as strong as the original film, but then again it doesn’t need to be, as the sequel was still enjoyable, hilarious, acted perfectly and the songs are fun to listen too, as there is no way fans, like myself, will not walk out the theatre with at least a smile on their face.