“Second star to the right and straight on till morning.”

It’s time to fly high and back in time to Disney’s traditionally animated films, this time being ‘Peter Pan’.

Here’s a shocker! I have never seen the 1950’s ‘Peter Pan’. I read the storybook as a kid, but don’t remember seeing the film at all. I have seen the 2003 live-action ‘Peter Pan’ and the animated sequel ‘Return to Neverland’, but having to review the film, nothing seems like I’ve seen it before, and after the decades of audiences love for this film, I always wanted to watch it and see what was so special about it.

After viewing the film, I can see why so many people appreciate this film. It’s imaginative, its characters are likeable and has a nice story to boot.

‘Peter Pan’ is about Wendy’s stories that she tells her two brothers Michael and John, which the father thinking it’s only her imagination, and that Peter Pan is not real. After telling the stories, Peter Pan enters the room, after the parents walk out to a romantic dinner of theirs, and wants his shadow back that the kids’ dog had stolen. From there, Wendy doesn’t want to grow up, and fly out with the help from pixie dust from Tinkerbell to venture off to Neverland. Along the way, they meet up with pirates, Indians and mermaids.

The film has some really great animation. Along with the great animation, the characters are likeable, and fun. Captain Hook is a very hard-boiled villain, but also offers moments of comedy, along with the crocodile Tic-Toc, as they call it.

Overall, ‘Peter Pan’ is a fun, imaginative movie, filled with comedy and adventure.