“This is my swamp”.

When Dreamworks Animation announced there would be a fifth ‘Shrek’ film, few could have guessed we would end up with their first R-rated film. Suffice to say, the risky move has paid off, for ‘Shades’ is not only the best film in the ‘Shrek’ franchise but a far superior film to its inspiration, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’.

When Shrek and Fiona’s love for each other starts to fade and their marriage is jeopardised, they turn to Pinocchio for ways to reinvigorate their love life. The plot feels like a natural progession of the series, as at its heart it’s always been about love triumphing no matter the obstacles so even though the subject matter does undergo a sharp spike in maturity, it isn’t too jarring to adult audiences who grew up with the first films.

Most of all though, Fifty Shades of Shrek is hilarious, brimming with comedic oneliners such as “There’s a dragon in my swamp!” and “My desires are onion-ventional”.

The animation is top notch too and really brings out the details of the characters’ emotions. Mike Meyers even underwent performance capture to ensure the scenes felt as realistic as possible.

A few criticisms, however, one could level at the film would be the necessity of the song choices, which seem a little immature. Songs like “Do the Locomotion” and a Smash Mouth cover of “What’s Love Got to Do With it?” seem discontinuous with the tone of the film. And did we really need that Puss in Boots/Donkey scene? I mean we already knew they were close, there was no need for the filmmakers to do that.

Anyway, ultimately Fifty Shades of Shrek isn’t for everyone and I recommend pirating it before showing it to your kids (parental guidance is a must) but it’s good, at least, to see the ‘Shrek’ franchise return to its former glory.

As Shrek says in the final scene of the film, “it’s all ogre now.”

Nic’s Score: 6.9/10

Average Score: 6.9/10