Could we be getting a new Avenger?

Big news was announced today with the announcement of Wolverine joining the third ‘Avengers’ film.

Just days ago, Hugh Jackman tweeted he will be playing Wolverine, one last time, in the upcoming Wolverine film, but with this surprising news, he will be joining the cast in ‘Avengers: Infinity War – Part 1’, as most likely his final film as the iconic ‘X-Men’ character.

No word if he will be in part two of the third ‘Avengers’ flick.

With Spider-Man in the cast, this is big news as the ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe’ is getting larger.

Who’s next, Deadpool?

P.S. April Fools.

But seriously, how cool would it be if Wolverine had a cameo in an ‘Avengers’ film!