DreamWorks Animation continues their decline in quality animation storytelling with their newest film ‘Home’, with the voice talents of Jim Parsons (‘The Big Bang Theory’) and Rihanna (‘Battleship’).

‘Home’ is about an alien race called the Boov which they invade Earth and relocate the humans, as the Boov run Earth, but Oh (Parsons) is unique, so he wants to have a party to fit in, and sends an email to everyone in his contacts list, which in that list includes their enemy who keeps destroying their planet called the Gorg. Why are they on the Boov’s contacts list? To tell a story, I guess! But Tip (Rihanna) is the last human left in the alien populated Earth, and seeks out to find her mother. Best Synopsis Ever!

Let’s get the positives out first, the animation is very nice looking and is extremely colourful. Oh, and Tip is the most likeable character in this film, which does provide some heart-warming scenes.

Now, the problems with ‘Home’ is very inconsistent writing and the story is very messy. The first half is incredibly weak, thanks to the little story development that doesn’t move the film along, instead the film feels like it backtracks, and doesn’t move the story along until the film’s final thirty minutes.

‘Home’ feels strictly for the little kids, even with the jokes and characters like Oh, the film will not interest adults, which is very disappointing because every other DreamWorks Animation movies had something there for adults to be interested, as well for the kids, but ‘Home’ doesn’t have any appeal to an older audience. But you may say that isn’t ‘Home’ a kids movie? I always say against it that it is not a kids movie, animated films are family movies, since the whole family goes out and see animated films together, so they should also interest the parents, and not just the kids. ‘Home’ isn’t a very good family movie, being more generic, than creative, with clichéd humour and a weak story to boot. The kids will like it, but as a family film, it is very disappointing.

‘Home’ is not much fun!