The trailers looked promising, but sadly, doesn’t live up to its potential premise.

‘Chappie’ is writer and director Neil Blomkamp’s latest film, and while I haven’t seen any of his works; ‘District 9’ I need to watch; ‘Chappie’ is tiresome and long. Too long.

‘Chappie’ is about scientist Deon who has created a variety of police robots, known as scouts. When he develops artificial intelligence, he wants to install it on one of the scouts, with life of its own. Chappie becomes the first robot with a mind of its own.

The film went in a completely different direction, than what it was promised in the trailers.

‘Chappie’ is all over the place. The story isn’t strong, the dialogue was a bit weak and the film’s narrative is messy, the film just doesn’t know who to focus on; is it the scientist, is it Hugh Jackman, is it Chappie? The film doesn’t know, so I don’t know.

The characters were a bit underdeveloped, so it was hard to connect to the characters in their journey with teaching Chappie. The character that has the most interest, is the robot Chappie, but even when the film progresses along, Chappie becomes an unlikeable character, sadly, and loses the charm and personality from the film’s opening act.

The acting wasn’t that great as well, even from the big names, the acting was on autopilot, it was okay, but does go over-the-top in some scenes. Dev Patel (‘Slumdog Millionaire’) had the best performance in the film.

The very few action scenes present was the best thing in the movie, with a scene between Yolandi and Chappie that was quite interesting, but besides that, the film was overstretched, isn’t consistent with the story, and at times boring, with a very few moments of enjoyment and fun.