Merry Christmas… oh wait, its March tomorrow. Well, that was some odd timing Seven, but nonetheless, Australia finally got the premiere of Pixar’s latest television special ‘Toy Story That Time Forgot’, and second for the ‘Toy Story’ franchise.

While the Christmas setting is featured in this special, it’s mainly more about dangerous dinosaur battles and how Christmas presents have evolved from old toys (action figures) to new toys (videogame consoles).

The special follows Trixie as she is always everything, e.g. a reindeer, but is never treated as a dinosaur. With Bonnie going over to her friend’s house for a play date; Mason, she is side-tracked with Mason’s new videogame system and loses the toys. From there, our favourite toys like Woody and Buzz are trapped by dinosaur action figures.

While ‘Toy Story That Time Forgot’ isn’t as funny or inventive than the previous ‘Toy Story’ special, ‘Toy Story of Terror!’, the new special was still entertaining, with some very humorous jokes, every now and then, and some interesting characters, like a dinosaur action figure named Reptillus Maximus.

The problem I found with this special was the recycled gag from the first two ‘Toy Story’s, as they worked well in those films, this special reminded me that the gag is getting a bit repetitive.

But besides that, this special is enough entertaining as it is a little heart-warming.

‘Toy Story That Time Forgot’ will hardly be forgotten at Christmas, as it is a solid half-an-hour special that will please audiences alike.