Tremendous. Exhilarating. Tense. Loud. Impeccable. These are the words I felt during the viewing of this film ‘Whiplash’.

While it may have had a very limited re-release this past week, thanks to the film’s five nominations at this year’s Oscars. And while you may have not heard of this film before, after reviewing it, I hope audiences flock to check out this incredibly produced film known as ‘Whiplash’.

The story of the film follows first year student Andrew (Miles Teller), drummer, as he aspires to become the greatest drummer, and one of the best musicians, of all-time. He studies at a music school in New York, whereas he is mentored by his instructor Terence Fletcher (J.K. Simmons). The film explores the struggles of life as a musician student and how far it can push a musician to exceed the limits of their talent.

‘Whiplash’ is directed beautifully, nice fast-paced shots, close-ups of emotions, very well-paced. Director Damien Chazelle has done a great job here. And have I talked about the music yet? The music was composed brilliantly, with plenty of great Jazz music being played throughout this amazingly crafted film.

The acting is impeccable. Winner for this year’s Best Supporting Actor; J.K. Simmons is terrifying, but also at times funny and at very few times likeable, but his character is unpredictable and brings tension to every scene the character is featured in. Miles Teller is brilliant in this role, and while I loved his performance in ‘The Spectacular Now’, here, he takes his acting performance to a new level, and is a huge snub for a Best Actor Oscar, Teller is that great. Melissa Benoist (‘Glee’) is also great as Nicole.

Overall, ‘Whiplash’ is perfection. A movie that conveys so many ideas and themes, and meshes it tremendously as an intense, exhilarating film about music and dreams.

‘Whiplash’ hits all of the right notes.