‘The Theory of Everything’ tells the story about a theory of, well, everything, but in the process of finding out about a theory of everything, the film tells the journey of an iconic genius Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne) as the film tells through the struggles of unfortunately being diagnosed with motor neuron disease.

‘The Theory of Everything’ is basically a romantic biopic, which explores Hawking’s life of finding out the theory for time.

The movie is acted very well. I give praise to Eddie Redmayne for portraying Stephen Hawking, as he did a very good job. Felicity Jones should also get some credit as she was great as Hawking’s wife, Jane.

While the movie has a great cast and the acting stands out from this film, the film does have some problems. The story is fine, but it isn’t spectacular as being told as a love story. The film does become interesting in the middle half of the film as I found the second half of this movie, way more interesting than the first, but the first half was a bit dull and lacked character development, as in my opinion I couldn’t really connect with the characters as a whole and their relationship, and because of that, I couldn’t really connect to Stephen and Jane at first, although their characters do grow towards the film’s conclusion.

While the film does have some slow pacing, the film does have some moments. Some scenes actually help make me care about the characters, an example being a scene on the beach which helped create emotion to the character of Stephen.

Overall, ‘The Theory of Everything’ is quite enjoyable at times and it does has its moments of brilliance, with a great cast, and great acting, ravishing sets and the direction handled with care, but the film does have a sluggish flow and was dull at certain parts of the film. But it is still an interesting journey about Stephen Hawking, and if you are a fan of biopic’s, you will certainly enjoy ‘The Theory of Everything’.

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