‘Foxcatcher’ is based on the true story of a gold winning Olympic medalist wrestler named Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum), who is confronted by a billionaire named John du Pont (Steve Carrell) to help him be Mark’s coach in order to win another gold medal.

This is the type of film where the acting is better than the movie, as it was more of a character piece, much alike ‘Birdman’. Channing Tatum is excellent in this movie, as it is focused on his story as he tries to become the world’s best wrestler. Mark Ruffalo also does a great job portraying Mark’s brother Dave Schultz, as his character became a mentor and as a role model to Tatum’s character. Steve Carell was creepy in his performance, although in my opinion, his character wasn’t as developed as the other two characters, although in the film’s second act, his character became a bit more developed as he tries to impress his wealthy mother.

‘Foxcatcher’ does have problems. The film’s pacing is incredibly slow, and at times very tedious. The film also has a chilling and horrific conclusion, but also an unsatisfied one concerning to the film’s last shot which doesn’t answer some of the film’s questions, especially the scene that came before it.

Concluding, ‘Foxcatcher’ is acted brilliantly, the story is fine, but it’s more of a character study instead, but the film does have pacing problems and could have been a bit shorter, but it is still good thanks to the acting and the characters which excel the film.