Pixar returns to the movie that started it all, ‘Toy Story’.

Now set 11 years after the second feature, ‘Toy Story 2’, the toys now face that their owner Andy is now all grown up and ready to move to College. Instead of moving out to the attic, our favourite group of toys, which include Woody and Buzz, now face themselves with a challenge at Sunnyside Day-care.

‘Toy Story 3’ seem like two different stories, meshed together quite brilliantly. The first story seems to be Andy’s toys now faced with a dilemma of their owner Andy now grown up and ready to move on at College and decide to go to day-care. The second story is an escape prison film, trying to escape the ruins of Sunnyside.

‘Toy Story 3’ is a rare sequel, and a third film at that, that lives up to its expectations and surpasses the first two films in a perfect trilogy of films that reflect the passage of time through themes such as childhood and friendship.

‘Toy Story 3’ is funny, it’s creative, it’s surprisingly emotional and very suspenseful towards the film’s conclusion.

Until ‘Toy Story 4’ debuting in theatres in two years’ time, these three films will live on “To infinity and beyond”.