Francesco’s right. What is happening?

‘Cars 2’ is the sequel to 2006’s ‘Cars’. As in my review for the first film, you know how much I like the original ‘Cars’. It was funny, it had some heart and the characters were a lot of fun.

‘Cars 2’ on the other hand works in reverse as they definitely, and quoting Holly here, reversed the polarity.

I love Pixar. I grew up on Pixar when Disney wasn’t making animated films equaled to Pixar’s quality of filmmaking, with the exception of ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’ and ‘Lilo & Stitch’.

Pixar, an animation company so loved for its storytelling, lacks in that department. The storytelling here is not up to scratch with previous Pixar films, instead the film has a messy story and really feels like there is just too much happening at once, especially the last 20 minutes.

On the bright side, the film does have some positives. The animation is gorgeous, like other Pixar productions, and there are some really funny jokes in the movie, but there are a lot more that are cringe worthy and toilet humour. I don’t think Pixar has done this humour before in their other movies, which is disappointing for a company who has had great comedies like ‘Monsters, Inc.’ and ‘Ratatouille’.

The sequel is disappointing, but it only has a few redeeming qualities to the movie. If you’re a fan of Mater, you’ll like this movie, but even being a fan of the original ‘Cars’, this sequel is just a big letdown from an animation company who has had an incredible 15 year run.

‘Cars 2’ feels like a 100 minute ‘Mater’s Tall Tales’, a short film series from Pixar and the ending really does feel like it is a feature film version of the series, ending on a similar way the short film series does.

The sequel feels rushed and not much fun.