What would a review be from a sequel in a franchise without my franchise recap?

‘Night At the Museum’, an enjoyable comedic adventure film that was daring and crazy – in a good way.

‘Night At the Museum 2’ was a disappointing sequel with a very few moments of laughs and adventure, and nothing much to differentiate from its predecessor. So where does ‘Night At the Museum: Secret of the Tomb’ stand? In the middle.

‘Night At the Museum 3’ has moments of comedy and adventure that I came to enjoy in the first film, while having some odd silly moments of failed jokes that seem fit from the second film.

The third chapter sees how far the museum has come, leading the way in “special effects” where the museum feels like it is coming to life, but unfortunately the magic in the tablet seems to be running out, so they travel to London to find out how stop the tablet from corroding.

The film has a great cast, with Ben Stiller and the amazing and late Robin Williams offering great humour and good acting performances throughout the film. But that shouldn’t takeaway credit to the other actors, as they seem to know their characters after three films. Newcomers like Dan Stevens who plays Sir Lancelot is a nice new addition to the franchise. However, as much as I love Rebel Wilson from ‘Bridesmaids’ and ‘Pitch Perfect’, her character seems to have the weakest subplot, although I give her credit in trying to not overshadow Stiller in his role as the night guard. The character of Laa feels silly and out of place, even for a film like this, as it became a distraction from the film’s pivotal moments.

However, I should mention the action scenes. They are done very well in terms of the fast-pace of the action scenes and the visual effects being very good.

Overall, ‘Night At the Museum: Secret of the Tomb’ isn’t the franchise’s best (that being the first film), but it is a better sequel than ‘Night At the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian’ ever was, as ‘Night At the Museum 3’ does provide some humorous scenes, some great action and a surprisingly emotional send-off for a franchise that brings magic to life.

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