How come ‘Cars’ receives a lot of complaints as it doesn’t match or meet Pixar’s very high standards of storytelling?

I’m not so sure, as I think ‘Cars’ is very underrated, and in my opinion, ‘Cars’ is still one of Pixar’s best, maybe not the greatest, but it is so very close of being in the same ballpark as ‘Monsters, Inc.’ and ‘A Bug’s Life’.

‘Cars’ is Pixar’s seventh produced animated feature film, and after receiving critical acclaim and award winning features from the studio, ‘Cars’ received positive reviews, but not as stellar as Pixar’s previous six films. Although, that isn’t bad, and like I said earlier, ‘Cars’ is an underrated Pixar film that surprisingly does have a heart.

‘Cars’ follows famous race car Lightning McQueen, but after getting lost in Route 66, he destroys the road at Radiator Springs by accident and has to fix the road or risk losing the Piston Cup race.

The characters do offer some very funny humour and do provide growth as characters such as Lightning McQueen’s attitude as an arrogant race car, transforming as a likeable and honest race car who discovers the beauty of Route 66.

‘Cars’ does make some unnecessary pit stops during the film, like tourists getting lost by driving through the town, but ‘Cars’ does have charm and it does have heart, through Lightning McQueen and Doc Hudson’s transformation of their characters that actually has a meaning of friendship and compassion that drives the film towards a satisfying conclusion.