‘The Incredibles’ is Pixar’s sixth produced movie, and probably the film’s darkest since ‘Monsters, Inc.’.

‘The Incredibles’ follows Mr. Incredible’s heyday of being the world’s greatest superhero, in a superhero filled world. There are heaps of them. There’s Frozone, Elastigirl, Gazerbeam… the list goes on and on, the point is, there are so many darn heroes, saving the day from villains such as Bomb Voyage, etc, etc. At the end of the day, Mr. Incredible marries Elastigirl and the two live happily ever after, or so they think, when the government forces the superheroes to stop doing their duties as crime fighters for “their secret identity, to be their only identity”. Fifteen years later, Mr. Incredible, a.k.a Bob Parr, is an insurance worker, stuck at a dead end job that he completely hates and has three children Dash, Violet and Jack-Jack, all have super powers, except for Jack-Jack, but everything changes when he receives an envelope with a message from a woman named Mirage who tells him about the danger in the forest named the Omnidroid, and it’s up to Mr. Incredible to stop the robot from destruction.

‘The Incredibles’ is a complex, but masterfully crafted film that is action-packed, full of drama and heart-warming moments and filled with great characters that are relatable, a trait Pixar has done with every one of their dazzling productions.

All characters are unique, all having different super powers, with Mr. Incredible having super strength, Elastigirl can stretch, Dash can run super-fast, Violet has the ability to go invisible and create force fields and Frozone has the ability of creating ice from his hands, only when there is water in the air of course!

‘The Incredibles’ is an action film done right, but is also an entertaining family movie that makes it so much fun and so… how should I say it? Incredible!