Christopher Nolan has proven to be an amazing director, such as the popular superhero film ‘The Dark Knight’ and my favourite Nolan film ‘Inception’‘Interstellar’, sadly disappoints.

The film revolves around Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) who is an engineer at heart, not a farmer that he is stuck doing. But, when a golden opportunity comes around, Cooper has to choose if he should go on a fantastical space voyage or if he should stay with his children.

The film is basically a sci-fi space flick. The visuals are gorgeous. The score is astoundingly epic. The acting is good.

The story, suffers sadly. It felt like two stories into one, that don’t particular mesh together properly, but it is an ambiguous task to do so. The film is a bit too confusing for me, with the overbearing scientific explanations which caused me to miss some crucial plot points because of it, the film shouldn’t be too confusing, but at last, it was.

The narrative isn’t very consistent and at a few times does get pretty boring, only to be saved by awesome space scenes.

I felt like the opening of the film had strong potential with some really well done character building and development between Cooper and his daughter Murph, which brought some emotional scenes between the two characters and the conflict that surrounds Cooper’s decision. But, as the film journeys through space, the film drags on and gets kind of lost, especially towards the film’s final half-an-hour.

‘Interstellar’ isn’t great, nor is it bad. It’s somewhat in between as a nearly three hour film (should have been much shorter) that gets lost and too confusing, but if you disagree with my opinion, that’s okay, go see it, because it seems like the movie that you will either love, hate or stuck in the middle, like myself.

If you do want to see it, see it on the biggest screen possible, as it is a grand scaled adventure, delved into the outer space worlds and all things interstellar.

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