‘Tammy’ is the newest comedy movie from Melissa McCarthy (‘Bridesmaids’), and sadly it isn’t much of a comedy, despite being a big fan of her previous films such as ‘Bridesmaids’ and last year’s hit comedy ‘The Heat’.

‘Tammy’ is about Tammy, and her grandmother, played by Susan Sarandon, and they go on a big trip to Niagara Falls. That’s the story, if you can call it one, because the film is basically a field trip movie, stopping at random places, on their way to Niagara Falls.

Among the laugh department, it’s incredibly short, and not just laughing short, short of chuckles. The best scene in the movie is the teaser trailer, which still made me laugh out loud, but that was the only scene I really loved, and wish the movie was like a heist film instead, because sadly that was the most interesting scene, no short on laughs. Besides that scene, a few little chuckles here and there, but that’s about it. It really doesn’t feel like a comedy, which to me is just bizarre.

I do give praise to Kathy Bates, giving a really great performance, and in my opinion, stole the show, despite having a small part in the film.

‘Tammy’ is short on laughs and short on story, but more importantly, short on laughs because this was supposed to be a comedy, which it clearly wasn’t besides one breakout scene.