While ‘Monsters, Inc.’ was so close to reaching the greatness of ‘Toy Story’, Pixar finally makes a film that is equally great in both story and quality and that film is Pixar’s fifth produced film, ‘Finding Nemo’.

You may have heard of ‘Nemo’, as it was Pixar’s first win at the Animated Feature Film category at the Oscars, which was created since 2002, and made over $865 million worldwide at the time of its release, being Pixar’s highest grossing film, up until 2010’s ‘Toy Story 3’.

‘Finding Nemo’ was more than a great film, it was truly a phenomenon, and made people fall in love with clownfish, including myself.

‘Finding Nemo’ follows the adventure of Marlin, an over protected father as he has seen the Ocean’s dark side, raises his son Nemo, who suddenly gets taken by scooper divers. Now its up to one clownfish, with the help of Dory who suffers from short-term memory loss, to save Nemo and get him home.

‘Finding Nemo’ excels in everything, story, humour, likeable characters and impressive visuals and animation that makes ‘Nemo’ one of Pixar’s best. In fact, I’d go so far to say, that I love ‘Nemo’ more than ‘Toy Story 2’, close to the original ‘Toy Story’. Also it helps when you have funny lines from Dory voiced by Ellen DeGeneres.

‘Finding Nemo’ is one of a kind, a movie about letting your fears go, love, friendship and acceptance, ‘Nemo’ “Just keeps swimming”.