‘The Maze Runner’ is based on a young-adult novel, titled with the same name.

The film follows Thomas, the film’s main protagonist, as he is forced to live in this world, where he can’t escape, in this jungle type community. The only solution, the scary maze.

At first, I wasn’t interested by ‘The Maze Runner’, as it just looked like another one of those young-adult films, based on already established novels. ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones’ and ‘The Host’ are films in the past year that have a unique premise, but fails with its clichéd story and characters, ‘The Maze Runner’, thankfully, isn’t one of those young-adult novels turned into movies, it actually has a heart, which the previous two films, I mentioned, failed to achieve.

‘The Maze Runner’ does have some cheesy dialogue, and some of the characters aren’t as developed as they should be, but darn it, it is one hell of a ride.

‘The Maze Runner’ offers enough thrills and action to be exciting, and intriguing. 

‘The Maze Runner’ has enough heart, enough action, and enough emotion to be an awesome thriller-drama type of hybrid that is entertaining, right to the end of the film’s runtime.

Only problem, the film starts off slow, but has enough of these elements, as ‘The Maze Runner’ rightfully excels as a non-stop entertaining thriller ride that I enjoyed quite a lot.

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