What is a ‘Monsters, Inc.’?

I’m sure people were looking at Pixar’s fourth film, and confused to exactly what ‘Monsters, Inc.’ really was.

The film focuses on two likeable monsters, named Mike, a one-eyed green ball with moving arms and legs, and Sulley, a tall monster, covered in blue and purple fur. Their job is to scare kids.

Not your usual everyday job.

The premise follows the old myth of monsters hiding in children’s closets, with the film presenting this myth as to say, what happens if your kids were right. As the screams of kids generate electricity for the whole of Monstropolis, a world inhabited with monsters of all shapes and sizes, with this notion that this monster filled world is in another dimension, or world, considering they have access to our world.

Or if you read the Pixar universe theory, then they time travel, but let’s move on before I confuse a lot of our readers.

One day, Sulley uncovers a pink flowered door, left in the middle of the scare floor late at night, with Sulley intrigued by the lonesome door, enters to find no one in there, only to his surprise his helped made a girl, that they call Boo, escaped in Monstropolis, which monsters are very afraid of kids, making for some very funny comedic moments with monsters scared of this little girl.

‘Monsters, Inc.’ works in line as a comedy adventure, set with some scary scenes for a Pixar film. That machine Randall has is just scary and creepy.

‘Monsters, Inc.’ was my first Pixar film I ever saw in the theatre, and has always had a special place in my heart for both Mike and Sulley, and this film is one of Pixar’s best, and one of my absolute all-time favourites from the animation studio. I mean, look at the door chase scene, and this was Pixar’s fourth film produced, and they only got better and better after that.

‘Monsters, Inc.’ is a great film about acceptance, friendship and loyalty, as this film may be a comedy, but it also holds some very emotional scenes.