Back in 2006, who would have thought that this dance movie called ‘Step Up’ would be a financial success and make four sequels?

I don’t think anyone would believe you, but here we are, the fifth installment in the ‘Step Up’ franchise, ‘Step Up All In’.

Before I start, here’s my opinion on the previous films. Surprisingly, I never saw the first two ‘Step Up’ films, ‘Step Up 3’ is my favourite and ‘Step Up 4: Miami Heat’, or the U.S. title ‘Step Up Revolution’, was enjoyable.

‘Step Up All In’ is a mixed bag.

The fifth film brings back some of the cast from the previous films, as this is like ‘The Avengers’ of the ‘Step Up’ franchise.

‘Step Up All In’ is about the previous film’s dance group called The Mob after failing to make it big, they quit and walk away, except for Sean, he wants to make it big, and finds a dance competition called The Vortex, and decides to make a new dance group to enter, along with some fan favourites from all four previous films, such as Moose, among others.

I know the acting isn’t great, people go into these movies for the dancing, and like previous films, the dancing is unbelievable, except for one of the dance numbers which takes place in a Frankenstein laboratory, which I found to be very silly, but 95% of the dancing is incredible. The acting isn’t strong, but I do give some credit to Briana Evigan, Alyson Stoner and Adam Sevani as they brought some very sad scenes, which was actually believable and relatable.

I felt like this film was like, seen it, danced that, type of vibe, while the fourth film brought a meaning behind the dancing, this one is all for show, and the film knows it.

‘Step Up All In’ is just a big show for the film’s massive fans. If you are a fan, you’ll love it, others, you’ll enjoy the show-stopping dance numbers.