How come no filmmaker ever thought of this idea or concept for a film like this, until now?

‘Boyhood’ is an interesting and unique film. Filmed in 12 years, director Richard Linklater has done an amazing job at making a movie that is essentially a coming of age film, shot in real time.

The film chronicles the life of Mason, from first grade, to the time he heads off to college, and the fact they didn’t hire other actors and made this movie in twelve years, a couple scenes every year starting from 2002 lasting until 2013, astounds me. This could have been a disaster, but thankfully, ‘Boyhood’ isn’t the case, as it is one of the year’s best films.

The acting is incredible, so incredible that the whole film feels like a documentary-type of film, showcasing the life of Mason, but because of the brilliant writing, the dialogue is natural and makes us, the audience, feel like we are watching a real story, because of the 12 years it took to make this once in a lifetime film.

There isn’t much of a story to this film, while there is one present, it is in the case of little vignettes telling a story in one year, moving to another story in the next year, but in some cases, do overlap to other years, creating a chronological narrative of a family, dealing with drama, love and loyalty.

‘Boyhood’ is a masterpiece, while the film is a little long, nearly three hours of runtime, this film is just an incredible work of cinema, and one that will rightfully live on in the age of time, just like the film does.