An original movie that tries to be different and unique, sadly ends up leaving audiences confused and unsatisfied.

‘Lucy’ is a thriller-type, comedy-type, sci-fi film that tries to be all these things, but basically becomes a mess among the execution of the film and the story.

The film may be simple, judging from trailers, but as a whole this film is completely perplexed as the film throws too much of evolution and science, from what could be this really cool thriller-type action flick over a woman who can use 100% of her brain.

The film seems very similar in concept to ‘Limitless’, but doesn’t live up to its potential of a really interesting idea.

The acting isn’t great, it’s good, but not spectacular. Scarlett Johansson is quite good in her role as a washed up partier named Lucy, who is thrown into this dangerous world.

The film is quite visually impressive, with a few missteps, but it does become a highlight of the film’s abilities to be quite artistically creative.

‘Lucy’ is like a puzzle, solving it may not be much of a reward, but it does have its moments of visual effects and very few exciting action sequences that is worth watching.