Oh boy, is this going to be a long review.

First off, summary on the first three ‘Transformers’ films. I enjoyed the first film, hated the second and the third was okay. How does ‘Age of Extinction’ hold up? My answer, ‘Revenge of the Fallen’.

The fourth instalment in the massively successful ‘Transformers’ franchise opens in Texas where we see Cade (Mark Wahlberg), an inventor who wants to make a hugely successful invention, in order to pay for his daughter’s college funds for next year. He finds an old rusted truck one day in a garage sale at a movie theatre. Why was a truck inside a movie theatre? I don’t know, to tell the story. Anyway, Cade embarks on repairing the truck, only to find a weird stress signal and comes to realise, he has just found a Transformer. But, the age of the Transformers is over, as the government wants to turn off all Transformers on Earth, and that is the best I can summarise up this movie. Best synopsis ever!

The visual effects is great and impressive, a scene or two are very flat and looks strange compared to the other effects, as they seem unfinished and unpolished, but others are technically visually brilliant, as the action scenes are pretty cool looking, but it does get repetitive and uninteresting, especially as this film’s third act starts.

The acting performances are fine, with some overacting, but Mark Wahlberg was pretty good and I even have to give Stanley Tucci some credit as he was the highlight of the cast from the film, but not even the acting can save this movie from bad writing with bad humour.

But forget character development, these characters aren’t that interesting as they are one-dimensional characters. Wahlberg’s character is the most likeable and somewhat developed as his intentions of trying to protect his family does come out as relatable.

The film’s problems are the story, as it makes no sense to me, or maybe this film had a higher intelligence that I couldn’t comprehend with or I simply missed something.

While this film has some visually impressive action scenes with some fine acting performances, everything else about ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ is simply a mess.

And the most unnecessary slow-motion you will ever see in a movie, guaranteed.

D D- A D-