One, if not, the best live-action Disney film I have ever seen that stands just as great next to Disney’s greatest animated films.

‘Bridge to Terabithia’, at first, judging the trailers may seem like a ‘Narnia’ rip-off, and at the time, also made by Disney, but the film has a hidden message, a heart of emotions which, admittedly, seeing the film for the first time in theatres on a school excursion back in 2007, this is the first film that moved me by both how incredibly sad and moving the film is, but also, how strong the message is presented, which is a rarity for a Disney film, if not, a live-action Disney film that stands out from other live-action Disney productions.

The film is about a teenager named Jess (Josh Hutcherson), who doesn’t have any friends, but one day, a girl named Leslie (AnnaSophia Robb) moves into a new house, next door to Jess’ and the two create a friendship by creating a magical kingdom called Terabithia.

The acting performances are great, and the score, magnificent, I mean, the first 3 minutes is just excellent enough.

The story is great and relatable, and at times, the dialogue can get a tad bit cheesy, but these faults are not a problem with the film’s relatable characters, the film’s charming score, brilliant writing and the strong message of friendship, family and the power of imagination, elevates this film from good to great, an instant classic in my eyes and one of Disney’s greatest films ever to date.