‘Edge of Tomorrow’ is the movie that many people will miss, despite being one of the best films of the year. Sad really.

‘Edge of Tomorrow’ may not seem exciting enough from the film’s marketing department of trailers and TV spots, but make no mistake, this film has surprises installed, not featured in the trailers and a unique premise, only makes it the more enjoyable as the film progresses along.

This is the ultimate summer/winter (depending on where you live) movie theatre going experience as it is an edge on your seat type of film, where the film mixes different genres of drama, comedy, action, sci-fi and a high-tech non-stop thrill ride that never has a dull moment.

Tom Cruise is fantastic along with Emily Blunt, these two are perfect in their roles on both acting and delivering amazing action-packed scenes.

My only complaint, the side characters aren’t as developed, but they do have their moments in the film.

Concluding the review, this film is just amazing, great acting, lots of suspense, an amazing script and an action-packed thrill ride that only gets better as the film progresses along.

‘Edge of Tomorrow’ is a must-see theatre going experience as a high quality, enjoyable and engaging thrill ride of a movie.